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Located in Abidjan in the Zinsou area at the 7th Tranche, Cocody Les 2 Plateaux, the hotel residence”Le Vaisseau” is a high standing architectural gem, housing ideal rooms for your conferences, seminars and various events; a restaurant run by a starred chef; a café terrace with a giant screen and an outdoor area; a pub to spend good times with friends; a swimming pool with a lifeguard; a spa for your fitness and an indoor parking lot on 3 levels.
With a quality service and modern amenities,”Le Vaisseau” offers a capacity of 57 luxurious rooms including 12 suites and 10 apartments.
A heavenly setting, bathe in an atmosphere of well-being and inner peace, all in a calm, discreet and secure environment.
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4 bedrooms Appartement

300.000 CFA/days

3 bedrooms Appartement

270.000 CFA/days

Senior Suit

240.000 CFA/days

Panoramic Suit

210.000 CFA/days

Superior Room

95.000 CFA/days

Standard Room

80.000 CFA/days

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Halls & Spaces
Swimming Pool
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This is the only place to stay in Catalina! I have stayed in the cheaper hotels and they were fine, but this is just the icing on the cake! After spending the day bike riding and hiking to come back and enjoy a glass of wine while looking out your ocean view window and then to top it all off...

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