Spa's Glossary

This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements that allow for deep physical and psychological relaxation.

Balinese massage is a type of massage with a double effect: therapeutic and aesthetic.

Back massage:
An effective back massage helps to improve posture and posture while restoring energy to the back.

Couple massage
The duo massage offers the opportunity to share with your loved one a moment of intimate and exclusive relaxation.

Couple massage + Jacuzzi
A couple massage followed by a moment of intense closeness in a hot bath in our Jacuzzi.

Hot stone massage
The hot stone massage is performed with stones of volcanic origin and essential oils. It helps to overcome many physical problems as well as some psychological disorders related to stress.

Facial massage
Facial massage, or facial massage, is ideal for relaxation, as it provides great relaxation and the release of many tensions.

Hair removal is often an aesthetic treatment to remove unsightly hair from a part of the body.
It is also practiced for hygiene and health reasons, or to follow a trend.

Whole leg depilation
It consists of removing all the hair on the entire surface of the leg.

Depilation 1/2 leg
It consists of removing all the hair up to the knee.

It’s about removing unsightly facial hair

Eyebrow hair removal is an aesthetic action aimed at giving a harmonious shape to the eyebrows by removing excess hair that does not respect the imposed line

Some people with strong hair often have hair on their backs. Back hair removal consists precisely in removing these hairs to provide comfort.

The armpits are an increasingly depilated area. They are also a very sensitive area because the skin is very thin and the hair is very thick.

the hair removal is very indented and triangular in shape. It is very much in demand in institutes at the moment since strings and tangas are in fashion.

Basic care for young skin
This is a series of actions aimed at restoring the skin’s youthfulness and vitality.

A highlight
To refresh a tired complexion in the blink of an eye, this treatment, consisting of make-up removal, scrubbing and mask application, will give you a healthy glow effect.

Anti-ageing regenerating care
To give firmness and elasticity to the skin. They reduce wrinkles and fine lines and increase the skin’s radiance.

Specific care
Depending on your tastes and needs, you can request care that is not included in our list of services.

The health of your feet also depends on the care you take. Regular pedicures by a beautician can help to preserve the beauty of your feet for longer and prevent foot pathologies.

Beauty treatment to beautify hands and nails.

The hammam, called a Moorish bath or Turkish bath, is a wet steam bath. It is a steam bath at 50°C and saturated at 100% humidity.
The objective? This extended steam bath relaxes all the muscles of your body, cleanses your skin and eliminates toxins from your body.

A scrub is a cosmetic operation that is used to remove dead cells from the epidermis. The skin is smoothed, the absorption of moisturizers and cell renewal are promoted.

It is a more or less large bathtub, equipped with nozzles producing water and air jets. This air-water mixture causes swirls in the water, hence the fact that the spa is also referred to as a “whirlpool bath”. The latter thus provokes a pleasant sensation of massage on the immersed body.

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